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Raising machine series

RN331 Raising Machine Series

Touch screen control panel:

The human-machine interface is controlled by touch screen, which is convenient and intuitive to operate; the traction, clockwise, counterclockwise, and large cylinder motors adopt frequency conversion control system, and the adjustment range is large. PLC control is adopted , and 500 sets of process parameters can be stored in memory; the fuzzing zero point parameter can be automatically calculated, which is fast Replace the belt system.

Machine features:

The bearing is enlarged, the load-bearing capacity is strong, the belt is tensioned under the belt, the bridge wheel is enlarged, and the belt has a long service life.
This machine is equipped with a quick leather change system, multi-functional spreader and 8 spare belts.
When the machine is stopped, the belt is completely relaxed, making it easy to clean the broken cloth, which is safe and efficient.



RN230 high speed brushing machine

Product use and main technical parameters:

It is used for carding finishing of polar fleece, coral fleece, etc.
Machine width:2000mm 2200mm 2500mm
Cloth traveling speed: 25-40m/min ( frequency control )
Number of bristle rollers: 24
Brush roller diameter (bare): φ64mm
Large cylinder speed: 60-130 rpm
Operation mode: touch screen control
Total installed motor power: 45.1kw (excluding fan)
Machine weight: approx.4000kg
Equipment dimensions: (Length X Width X Height)
4500 x 4250 x3236mm( width2000mm)

RN312 Precision Shearing Machine

Shearing of thin fleece fabrics.

Width (circular knife surface length): 2200mm 2500mm 2800mm 3200mm

Maximum production capacity: 26m/min

The shearing knife adopts German " Haoshi " round and flat knife

Circular knife speed: 1000 rpm

Number of blades: 24 pieces

Total motor power: 14.75kW

Machine weight: about 3000kg

Dimensions: (length x width x height)

4100 x 3800 x 3170mm ( width 2200mm)
4100 x 4100 x 3170mm ( width 2500mm)

The company started the business with industrial Textile machineries and fast-moving spare parts for supplying to the export-oriented Textile Industries.

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